Community Psychiatrist

Dr. Carl A. Hammerschlag is a Yale-trained Community Psychiatrist. This is a subspecialty in psychiatry which recognizes that external forces like poverty, racism, and assorted traumas determine what we see, feel and do. Effectively dealing with problems in living, requires learning how to manipulate both internal and external environments.

A community psychiatrist integrates existing healthcare resources in the community. This includes people whose talents as caregivers often goes unseen and under-utilized — from grandmothers dispensing kitchen table wisdom, to clergy, counselors, body workers, indigenous practitioners, and a host of self-help groups that remind us we are not alone.

We heal better in community, because the more people pulling together toward a common goal, the better the likelihood that a good outcome will happen.


Books – “Healing in Community” is a chapter in Dr. Hammerschlag’s new book Kindling Spirit

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