I watched proudly as my eldest granddaughter graduated with honors from the University of Oregon. It was a deliriously joyful weekend, filled with parties, parades, and the usual commencement ceremonial rituals.

The commencement address is today’s secular sermon, and usually addresses themes like, endings and new beginnings, or what determines success in life. I was sitting in a huge arena, far from the stage, the marginal sound system, and found myself thinking about Steve Job’s’ moving commencement address at Stanford in 2005.

Jobs, the legendary founder of Apple and Pixar told the graduating class that speaking to them that day was the closest he’d ever been to a college graduation. He said he dropped out of college because he wasn’t learning what he wanted to know, and that experience taught him three most important things he believed were necessary to be happy and successful in life: 1. Trust your intuition 2. Love what you do 3. Live as if today was the last day of your life.

He told the graduates that last in the last year he’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Initially he was told he’d live 3-6 months, but after the tumor was biopsied and analyzed it turned out to be a rare type that was curable with surgery. It didn’t matter how much time he had left, the diagnosis woke him up to a new appreciation of the biological truth that our time on earth is limited. Don’t let other peoples opinions/predictions stop you from trusting your intuition and pursuing what brings you joy and meaning. Steve Jobs was not cured, he lived 6 more years after delivering that address and loved what he did every day.

I found myself reminiscing that 50 years ago, right about this time I graduated from medical school, and wondered am I doing what I love doing, Surely I love being surrounded by love in these families celebrations, and I want to bring the Clown Town Healing Fest to a city in America before my last breath. A city that understands the future of healthcare is shifting our focus from a model based on the intervention (diagnosing and treating diseases) to one based on predicting and preventing them.

This Fest is about how we heal better in community, by integrating a communities healing resources, and inspiring people to taking the necessary steps to live healthier lives. Gesundheit! Global Outreach (GO!) Clowns will soon launch a campaign to make this happen and I’m hoping you will help me spread the word.

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