I have been trying not to get caught up in the “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, a disorder characterized by railing against every word The Donald utters or action he takes, and it’s been hard. I keep wanting to believe that somehow through the magnitude of the office of POTUS he will become less captivated by his own grandiosity… but it isn’t happening.

After his inaugural address, I was left feeling dark and dismal with his portrayal of an America in decay, it’s politician’s self-serving and out of touch with the people. No longer he said, because from this day forward (and for the first time in our history), the people will become the rulers of their own country, and he would be their voice. How did this privileged kid who studied in private schools, avoided the draft, and is morally bankrupt, become the voice of the people?

The Donald said, he would heal the divisions in this Nation because he knew we were one people united by our love for this country. We are all patriots he said, Americans of every color and creed, we all bleed the same color to protect America. From now on its America first, our interests will determine our policy. We will protect ourselves, we will be safer, it will lead to prosperity, we will win like never before, and America will become great again.

Listening to him, I felt the chill of the bygone days of McCarthyism and the Nazi’s. He disdains the press and if you disagree with what he defines as America’s best interests you know you’ll be labeled un-American. The Donald’s preaching of Isolationism and protectionism has seen a rise in hate groups of every description; he is not bringing us together and our resentment and anger is eating away at our souls as Americans, and leaving us spiritually bereft.

How are we going to bridge the gaps that divide us? How can we come together as a people with common values and goals? By coming together in community, diverse groups talking to each other about our shared interests. It is not deranged to be frightened by a President who is a pathologic narcissist; march in protest, speaking out loudly, write to your legislators that’s what good citizens do. It doesn’t matter if you wear Bermuda shorts or a turban, if you work in fields or high-rise buildings, this nation is built on lots of people from lots of different places coming together to actualize a vision of what can happen in a democracy where freedom of speech, the pursuit of justice and equality are the law of the land.

Let’s continue to tell this story of who we are and what we stand for to the generations still to come, otherwise the fear and hatemongers will redefine what it is to be an American.