For years you’ve been listening to me rail about our healthcare system and how it’s bankrupting and killing and us. We spend almost 20% of our GDP on healthcare (seven times more than any other industrialized nation on earth) and we’re not the healthiest country in the world… not even in the top 20; because our system is based on an interventional model (we diagnose and treat illnesses).

The future of healthcare is about shifting the interventional paradigm to one that’s based on prediction and prevention. That means inspiring people to become active participants in maintaining their health. I am pleased to announce the Clown Town Healing Fest, a joyous celebration promoting health and healing in community.

This is a dream I’ve shared with my friend and colleague Patch Adams MD for years. We’ve been doing this health promotional work all over the world, and it’s time to bring our clown healing festival to the streets of America. We will inaugurate the Clown Town Healing Fest (CTHF) in Phoenix, AZ. December 4-6, 2015.

Clowns will mobilize Phoenix’s healing resources, from customary healthcare providers, to support groups of every description (burn victims, parents of ADD kids, victims of abuse, cancer survivors, There will be nutritionists, music/art/dance/narrative therapists, body workers, traditional healers… they will all tell their stories about how they heal and have been healed.

It’s for people of all ages and backgrounds, with clown performances, presentations, and interactive participation, all designed to inspire people about how to keep them healthier.

This will be a joyous, free, celebratory weekend about healing in community. Help us make this dream happen! Get involved, go to and share it with your friends. Together, we can help shift the paradigm toward the new preventative paradigm…get well before you get sick.