Heartache and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving time is a difficult for our family. Two years ago, over this holiday we lost our 21-year-old granddaughter/daughter/ niece/cousin to a fatal anaphylactic reaction to a peanut allergy. This unspeakable tragedy has been the greatest trauma ever to befall...

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Amalia’s Light in My Tunnel

Last week's Presidential debate was such a repugnant display, I felt assaulted and turned it off after 5 minutes. Trump has hijacked the American narrative; there was a time this Nation saw itself as a beacon to the world; we are no longer that. We are governed by...

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Cane and Able

My intention in life has always been to come to every day with joy and be fully engaged... but what it means to be fully engaged changes as you age. I’m slowing up physically and energetically, but I’m also finally maturing to the point where I can ask for help...

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Mind Shift is Happening

It's finally happened, the President of the United States has faced the fact that the patriotic thing to do is wear a mask. He has also canceled his showtime Republican convention in Jacksonville and why?... because he knows that the virus is going to defeat his...

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From Horror to Hope

It's been a difficult week in America; a cloud of death, danger and division, hangs over us. The news media focuses on what sells, so vandals, looters and provocateurs are hijacking the real agenda here; which is facing our entrenched institutional racism. We know...

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Get Over It Old Man

A dear Humanitarian Clown friend is starting a new business, and asked me if I would provide him with a testimonial. I said I'd be happy to write something, and he said what he’d really like is a brief video testimonial... sure why not? Technical details that required...

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Caring Tames the Angel of Death

Last week Jews welcomed the Passover holiday to retell the saga of the Exodus from Egypt; the heroic journey from slavery to freedom that defines the Jewish people. We gather around the family dinner table in an evening of remembrance, celebration, and of course lots...

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Physical Distancing, Not Social

The human and economic toll of this viral pandemic are staggering. There is no place on Earth where fear and uncertainty do not prevail. No one knows long it will last or when it will peak, but every day we see more people infected and dying.  What we do know is how...

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Love is Also Contagious

The coronavirus is pandemic which means it’s spreading rapidly, the fear and panic it’s generated however substantially exceeds what can be reasonably expected if one gets the illness, and that’s an epidemic. It's human nature to want to protect ourselves, families...

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