Taps Across America

Hello Relatives: This Memorial Day will not feature parades or large gatherings. However, momentum has been building to honor this solemn day Taps Across America has been asking buglers and trumpet players all over the Country to play the haunting music of “Taps” on...

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I’m Too Sexy for This Byte

I just celebrated my birthday, and it was of those storied happenings destined to become a family legend. We gathered at my daughter’s house for a scrumptious brunch which began with Mimosas, on to the garlic bagels with smoked whitefish, and finished with NY...

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Help Hoist This Flag

For almost 40-years I have walked the transformative journey from doctor to healer with my friend, colleague, and co-author, Dr. Howard Silverman. He has also incorporated rituals, ceremonies, humanitarian clowning/improvisational principles in his clinical work. He...

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Inauguration and Super Bowl as Healing Rituals

The unprecedented assault on democracy when rioters invaded the Capitol urged on by Trump’s incendiary exhortations, left me so wounded and dispirited I thought we may never close the gap that divides us as a Nation. Two weeks later the Inauguration of a new President...

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Holiday Magic and Miracles

The current turmoil of politics and pandemic has left my spirit lagging. I needed to take a break from these demoralizing times, and when my dear friend George invited me to go camping for a few days, I leapt at the opportunity. He has an exquisitely outfitted RV,...

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Heartache and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving time is a difficult for our family. Two years ago, over this holiday we lost our 21-year-old granddaughter/daughter/ niece/cousin to a fatal anaphylactic reaction to a peanut allergy. This unspeakable tragedy has been the greatest trauma ever to befall...

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Amalia’s Light in My Tunnel

Last week's Presidential debate was such a repugnant display, I felt assaulted and turned it off after 5 minutes. Trump has hijacked the American narrative; there was a time this Nation saw itself as a beacon to the world; we are no longer that. We are governed by...

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Cane and Able

My intention in life has always been to come to every day with joy and be fully engaged... but what it means to be fully engaged changes as you age. I’m slowing up physically and energetically, but I’m also finally maturing to the point where I can ask for help...

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Mind Shift is Happening

It's finally happened, the President of the United States has faced the fact that the patriotic thing to do is wear a mask. He has also canceled his showtime Republican convention in Jacksonville and why?... because he knows that the virus is going to defeat his...

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