Awards: Carl A. Hammerschlag

  • Internationally Recognized Psychiatrist
  • Recipient of the CPAE “Speaker Hallof Fame Award”
  • Expert in Rapidly Changing Cultures
  • Leading pioneer in the new field of mind/body/spirit medicine
  • Recipient of the 1998 Caring Institute-National Caring Award
  • Humanitarian Award, SUNY, Upstate Medical School, 2019

Recipient of the CPAE “Speaker Hall of Fame Award”

In Feb.1977, the National Speakers Association (NSA) established the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® to honor professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence.  Admission into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame is a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism. Inductees are evaluated by their peers through a rigorous and demanding process. Each candidate must excel in seven categories: material, style, experience, delivery, image, professionalism and communication.

Recipient of the 1998 Caring Institue-National Caring Award

Through the National Caring Awards the Caring Institute seeks to identify, honor, and reinforce the activities of particularly caring Americans-those who ennoble the human race by transcending self in service to others. Each year the Caring Institute recognizes 10 adults, and 5 young adults through the National Caring Awards.

Identified through a process that involves our nation’s leaders in the arenas of politics, education, the arts, the media, and business, the adults and youths who are selected for recognition reflect the best of the best. These select few who are honored at a special series of events in Washington, DC have dedicated the better parts of their lives to helping others. They have created solutions where others have despaired of finding answers. The power of their example inspires a new standard of social responsibility.