The Clown Town Healing Fest happened in Phoenix last weekend; it was a vision about how we can heal better in community; the culmination of a solid year’s work and a decade-long dream. Clowns, were the vehicle through which we mobilized a communities healing resources to inspire people to explore the many paths available to them to participate in staying healthy.

On Friday we presented a workshop for almost 100 healthcare professionals interested in magnifying their healing power by using “clown therapies”. Those workshop participants became “Truth Fairies” the following day, and spent 20 minutes talking to people about anything they ever wanted to ask a health professional who had the time for such an intimate conversation.

Saturday morning was a bright, sun-shiny day, and the clowns gathered to parade through the downtown streets, finally ending up at Arizona Center where we were welcomed by the Mayor and received a Native American blessing ceremony. The walkways and green areas were teeming with exhibitors, workshops, a main stage with speakers, and clowns galore; there were cardiac resuscitation mannequins, burn and trauma units, massage therapists, musicians, face painters, dancers, yogis, mask makers, pet therapists, nutritionists, Truth Fairies, a blessing booth, and much more. For six hours an estimated thousand people learned, laughed, and played with us. I can’t adequately describe the overwhelming sense of joy that filled the air, but I encourage you to view and read some of the commentary of others to get a feel for its’ impact.!Teaching-Doctors-to-Heal-By-Clowning-Around-Yes/c61c/56d264b90cf2836ff5da454d

It was worth all the effort, and I basked in that loving energy as the community shared its healing stories. It was the perfect antidote to rancorous Presidential debates that continue to escalate our divisiveness and fears.

When it was all over my grandson asked me how I felt and I told him I felt as if I had taken a leap from the highest ski jump and stuck the landing; I could never have made it without the support of my immediate and extended family. I told my grandson that surrounded by such love is how I want to go when my time comes.

To everyone who participated in making this dream come true I say thank you, and please keep in touch with us for updates, photos and future plans for the next CTHF.