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The Healing Corps 6-hour workshop approaches healing through the lens of the clown, inviting participants to take on new perspectives. The clown acts as a mirror for us to observe our folly as well as remind us of our own resilience. Our workshop provides healthcare professionals with skills to prevent feeling overextended and instead use their physical and emotional resources for healing.

This workshop:

  • Provides continuing education credits.

By participating in The Healing Corps training you earn a maximum of:
5.0 AMA PRA Cathegory 1 Credit for physicians and
5.75 continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours.

  • Re-evaluates the nature of the patient/provider relationship. Giving providers permission to deconstruct this hierarchy and breakdown barriers that often prevent a more personalized delivery of care.

  • Includes activities that promote empathetic engagement such as: positive talk, nonverbal cues, joyfulness and intentional communication. Empathy is a key component of healing and an important element of patient outcomes.

  • Reconnects healthcare professionals to their motivations and reminds them of their own healing potential. By combining stimulating and humorous activities with unique and informative discussions they learn advanced approaches to communication, connection and care.

  • We train anyone working within healthcare! You do not need to be a licensed Doctor or Nurse to take our training. We train community healthcare workers, caregivers, and hospital staff, as we believe healing is a whole system prerogative.

Internationally recognized physicians who also have experience in the art of clown healing will lead our workshop. In past years we were joined by the ranks of Drs. Patch Adams, Carl Hammerschlag, Benjamin Bobrow, John Glick, Bowen White and professional clown teachers Dan Griffiths and Maggie Lally.

The workshop prepares participants for using their skills in The Truth Clinic, for more information

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